My Story

Hello world, I'm Dashiel "Dash" Gables, the Owner of God's Child Apparel. Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY and being brought up by a Christian family that was deeply involved in the church has planted me on firm ground. I’m not going to act like I always knew I wanted to do this, because I didn’t. In fact I had no idea where my Associates in Graphic Design was going to take me.

After graduating I sealed a job working for a juniors clothing line. Now ask me if I knew what a juniors clothing line was at that time, because I had no clue, lol. All I knew was, was that I had a job. I utilized my hunger to learn and pick up on what was needed, regarding tech packs, templates, and creating patterns.

In 2013 I lost my job due to Hurricane Sandy a suggestion. I had no plan and no money, but I had a design. A tattoo design at that. With a $500 donation to the company and one design I set up a table at my church, and from then we made out first sales.